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What we do

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The WPCC provides a specialist consultation and participation service that enables parents and carers to voice their opinions about the services and support that their families receive.

Parents and carers know their children best

In raising their families, parent carers gain first-hand experience of using services. By listening to them we can identify what works well, what needs improving and what’s missing - typically referred to as ‘gaps in provision’.

The information that we gather is fed directly to the local authority by WPCC parent representatives who attend regular meetings with Wiltshire Council, NHS and other agencies. We all work together to decide how local services and support can be improved and therefore meet the needs of disabled children and their families more fully.


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When it comes to swapping ideas and gathering information, there’s nothing quite like getting together face-to-face. Issues can be debated, new initiatives can be explained and agreements can be reached.

We organize regular consultations and information fairs where all parties can get together, get to know each other and get the help or facts they need. Find out what’s on with our easy-to-use events calendars.


Of course, it’s not always possible to attend events or give your views in person, but you can still have your say by responding to our surveys, which are available online or by post.

Information and helpline

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Get the information you need, when you need it, all in one place. There’s a wealth of information in the signposting section of our website, and in the autumn of 2012 we launched a telephone helpline.

Keep up with the latest developments to services with our newsletters and find out about activities and clubs for your children in our short breaks bulletin.

To access these benefits and more, just register with us.

What we don’t do

We are unable to assist families with their specific issues, although we will always do our best to put you in contact with someone who can.

We do not have access to funding or grants to help individuals or families pay for short breaks or other services. However, we do work with the local authority in deciding how the funding they receive from central Government can be spent most effectively in Wiltshire to benefit disabled children and their families.