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Wiltshire Supported Internship Programme

What are Supported Internships?

Wiltshire Supported Internship Programme is a study programme which is delivered by Wiltshire College in partnership with Wiltshire Council. Supported Internships are individualised Study Programmes which are designed to equip students with learning difficulties and/ or disabilities with the skills they need to secure paid employment.

For a young person, the Supported Internship should fit into their long term career aspirations and fit in with their working capabilities. Progression onto a supported internship will have been a topic of conversation at the young person’s annual review meeting.

For the employer, the Internship must meet a real business need and provide the potential of a paid job at the end of the Study Programme, should the intern meet the required standard.

The structured Study Programme includes functional skills English and Maths, preparation for work and on-the-job training and support for both the Intern and the Employer. An Inclusive Learning Facilitator and experienced Job Coach will work closely together to facilitate learning and personal development.

Who can apply for a Supported Internship?

Supported Internships are for young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities aged 18 to 24 who have had a Statement of Special Educational Need, a Learning Difficulty Assessment or an Education, Health & Care Plan (My Plan) who are eligible for High Needs funding through their local authority and want to move into employment and need additional support to do so.

What are the benefits of Supported Internships?

  • Individualised Study Programme
  • Opportunity to continue to develop English, Maths & ICT skills
  • Tailored programme designed to meet the young person’s requirements
  • Transferable work skills with opportunities to practice skills in real life situations.
  • A real possibility of paid employment at the end of the Internship.
  • Inclusive Learning Facilitator and Job Coach working closely alongside the learner.
  • Real time (unpaid) work experience with a range of employers – learning on the job opportunities.

Take a look at the following [promotional video] to see what it’s all about.

The [Wiltshire Local Offer website] has further information on the Wiltshire Supported Internships, including contact details and the application process.