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Special educational needs


Post 16 Provision in Wiltshire
An Update from Wiltshire Council’s SEND Service on Wiltshire’s new SEND Support Plan Template
British Dyslexia Association - See Dyslexia Differently
British Dyslexia Association – FREE access to Contact magazine
Change of Contract for SEND Information Advice & Support Service (SENDIASS)
Wiltshire SENDIASS Joint Statement About Service Delivery
Changes to Wiltshire Council’s 0 – 25 SEND Service
Child Bereavement UK: SEN advice
Children and Families Bill
Deaf Children - Access Arrangements for Exams
Disagreement Resolution – a guide for young people
Dyslexia Support and Resources
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Whatever challenges your child experiences with learning, there is plenty of support, help and advice available from SEN specialist services and voluntary organisations.

For information about the WPCC’s SEN work, and to contact the relevant parent representative, please see our Current Projects page.


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Transition 14+