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Direct payments


Direct Payments - Information on Employers' Responsibilities and Legislation
Direct payment support from WCIL
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A direct payment is one way of meeting the assessed social care needs of families with a disabled child or young person. Instead of receiving services provided by the council families can opt to receive a direct payment with which they can arrange their own care.

To find out about applying for direct payments in Wiltshire, visit the Direct payments for disabled children page of the Wiltshire Council website.

For information about the sort of circumstances in which direct payments could help you achieve greater control and flexibility, visit the personal budgets and direct payments page of Contact's website.

Young people over 16

Young people over the age of 16 who have been assessed as needing services have the option to request a direct payment in their own right and their own name, rather than that of the parent or other responsible adult.

Parents are at liberty to help manage the young person's package if necessary, but the money can also be managed by another responsible adult or by setting up a trust.

For more information about money matters for the over 16s, please visit our Moving to adult life section.

WiltsCIL Personal Assistant (PA) Register

Wiltshire CIL have launched their new PA register. If you have Direct Payments/ a Personal Budget and are looking to access support, the PA Register could be the place where you can find the perfect employer/ PA match. To register, please visit their [website] or call WiltsCIL on 0300 123 3442 to find out more.

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