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Cerebral Palsy

"Cerebral palsy is a general term covering a number neurological conditions that affect a child's movement and coordination." (NHS Choices)

NHS Choices web page

NHS Choices.jpg
The NHS Choices website is packed with useful information about types of cerebral palsy, symptoms, treatment and tips for living with the condition.

Visit the web page.


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HemiHelp is a membership organisation that supports children & young people with hemiplegia and their families.

Events are at the core of HemiHelp’s work from activity days and conferences for children, parents and professionals, to fundraising events.

The organisation also provides information and support through their website, helpline, home visiting service and message board. As if that wasn’t enough, members receive a quarterly magazine packed with news and features.

Visit the website for more information, or call the helpline on 0845 123 2372.