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Subsection: What we do - Have your say!

Other local and national surveys and consultations

See below for other local and national surveys, consultations, petitions, etc. you might like to take part in.

Transforming Maternity Services Together

As part of the local maternity system, the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is consulting the general public on their proposal to transform maternity services across Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES), Swindon and Wiltshire. Their proposal has been developed by all the NHS organisations that plan and buy health services as well as those that provide or manage maternity services across BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire. Over last 18 months, these organisations have worked with more than 2000 women and families, staff, and partner organisations to look at ways they can improve the services they provide to mothers and families across the region. The want to provide:-

  • More equal access to the different birthing options available to women
  • Improved personalised care so they listen to and understand what women want
  • Continuity of care to improve the relationship between mother, family and midwife
  • Improved community support to provide targeted care close to home
  • Integrated and seamless care regardless of where and how women choose to give birth.

This consultation period runs from 12 November 2018 until 24 February 2019.

Find out more on the [consultation website] and have your say on the proposals by completing the [online survey].

Proposal for N.Wilts Special Schools – Statutory Notice/ Consultation

On 9th January 2019 Wiltshire Council published a statutory notice in respect of the closure of St Nicholas School in Chippenham, Rowdeford School in Rowde, and Larkrise School in Trowbridge, along with the pre-statutory notice regarding the opening of a new special school.

The document also includes the detailed proposals with information such as:-
• Reasons for closure • Pupil numbers and admissions • Provision • Curriculum • Travel • Location • Costs, etc.

From page 9 of the document you can find out about the consultation process, timeline and the ways in which you can contribute your views on the proposals. Click on the following link to view the Statutory Notice/ Consultation Documents

Comments on, or objections to, the proposals
Any person or organisation may object to, support or comment on the above related proposals by sending them to:-

Special Schools Project, Education Directorate, Wiltshire Council, County Hall, Trowbridge BA14 8JN

by 5pm on the 1st of March 2019 or by emailing SpecialSchools@wiltshire.gov.uk

This email will only be used to collect objections and comments and send out paper copies. There is also a short consultation reply form on the Wiltshire Council website along with supporting documents and a series of videos available where Stuart Hall from Wiltshire Parent Carer Council was able to have a conversation with Councillor Laura Mayes about the proposals – [click here].

Face-to-face consultation surgeries
There are surgeries being arranged by Wiltshire Council at the three schools for parent/carers of their pupils and letters for these will be sent via the schools to parent/carers. There will also be surgeries for all parent/carers arranged by Wiltshire Parent Carer Council (WPCC). See the table below for further information:-

Ss consultations.JPG

All responses to the proposal must be received by the Council by 5pm on the 1st of March 2019.

Virgin Care – Health Visiting Survey January 2019

Please complete Virgin Care’s Health Visitor Survey to help them to help you give your child the best start in life: [Health Visiting Survey]

The survey opens on January 7th 2019 and the closing date is January 21st 2019.

Does Your Child Attend an Independent/Private School or College?

Wiltshire Council is working with Bristol City Council and a number of other Local Authorities to understand what parent carers like about their child’s current placement with an independent provider, and what they would like to improve. To help gather views about independent provision, a survey has been created for parent carers whose children have special educational needs and/or a disability (SEND) and attend a for profit/private or independent school, or independent college, or other specialist independent Post 16 provision.

The views expressed through the survey, will inform work that the councils are working on together to develop a framework which will enable them to purchase these placements. The framework will give councils an opportunity to improve the quality of providers, where this is needed which is why it is really important that as many parent carers as possible use this opportunity to say what they like about their child’s current placement and what they would like to improve.

Complete the survey [HERE]

Please Note: This process is NOT going to directly impact the services that children receive and NO children will need to move school as a result of this change.

The closing date for the completion of the questionnaire is 19th December 2018.

New Provision for Children and Young People with ASD and Social and Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) - meeting for parents

We have been sharing information about the new annex provision in the south of the county at Sarum Academy for children and young people with ASD and/or SEMH. (see [HERE] on our website).

A meeting took place at Sarum Academy on 9th October for parents of children attending Sarum Academy, and Wiltshire Council has planned a follow-up meeting for all parents interested in this new provision. The meeting will take place at Sarum Academy on 7th December from 12:00pm to 1:30pm.

Alan Stubbersfield (Project Lead for Wiltshire Council) as well as a representative from Wiltshire Parent Carer Council will be among those attending the meeting.

This meeting has been planned to enable parents to ask questions, especially as some questions asked at the session in October went beyond what could be answered at that stage. The aim of the meeting will be to listen to parents and what they want to know about this new ASD/SEMH provision, and be as clear as possible about the long term as well as what is happening sooner.

It would be helpful to know how many people want to come, so please confirm your attendance by contacting Springfields School at admin@springfields.wilts.sch.uk by the 5th of December 2018.

Wiltshire Council - Care Accommodation Survey - November 2018

Wiltshire Council is currently looking at Care Accommodation across the county. This is accommodation for people who can’t live unsupported at home, whether that’s because of a learning or physical disability, a mental or physical health need, or due to their age.

The Council wants to get a clear picture of what is available and what is needed right now, and how that might change over the next few years. As part of this work the Council wants to hear from you, the customers of this care:-

• What do you think about what is available right now?
• What is important to you in Care Accommodation?

To get your feedback, Wiltshire Council has created a short questionnaire that can be completed by clicking the link below. This can be filled in if you are living in care accommodation, if you are a carer, or if you are completing it on behalf of a family member or someone you care for.


The survey will close on Tuesday 20th November 2018.

In partnership with the WPCC, Wiltshire Council is also hoping to hold some focus group sessions in mid-November to get your feedback in person; keep an eye out for more information.

Your feedback is essential in helping the Council plan for the future, so thank you for your time.

Petition to Put Children and Young people at the Heart of Government Spending

The National Children’s Bureau (NCB) is part of a group of 120+ organisations calling for the Government to act swiftly to put children at the heart of its spending decisions. Supporters include teaching unions, children's charities, disability organisations, physical and mental health organisations and poverty campaigners. A letter has been written and sent to the Chancellor and Prime Minister calling for urgent action to prioritise children and families in the government's spending decisions.

A public petition has been set up where members of the public can add their support.

You can [sign the Petition here].

Further information is available on the [NCB website].

Annual National Autistic Society NAS) Survey October 2018

The [NAS] want views of families and those with Autism so they can continue to transform lives and follow the priorities you identify.

Click [HERE] to complete it.

The Big Conversation - Help shape local priorities in Devizes

Big conversation devizes.JPG

Ambitious about Autism Campaign

Ambitious about Autism is a national charity for children and young people with autism. They are currently running a campaign called We Need An Education, drawing attention to the problems young people with autism face accessing education in England.

Complete their short survey [HERE]

Parent Carer Support Groups facilitated by Carer Support Wiltshire

Despite regular promotion there has been very limited attendance at some of the Parent Carer Support Groups that were being facilitated by Carer Support Wiltshire. Carer Support Wiltshire have therefore taken the decision to close the groups in Salisbury, Chippenham and Devizes.

Carer Support Wiltshire is introducing their Community Connectors and they will be working across Wiltshire to identify and support carers.

In response to questions from the WPCC about the closure of these groups, the WPCC has been told that if the Community Connectors uncover the need to reinstate a group, then they will be able to do this.

If you need a parent carer support group in your area, please let Carer Support Wiltshire know and they will pass this onto one of their Community Connectors.

Carer Support Wiltshire can be contacted on 0800 181 4118 or by email at: info@carersinwiltshire.co.uk

Alternatively, you can complete a WPCC Feedback Form and we will pass your comments on to Carer Support Wiltshire on your behalf.

Wiltshire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) - Urgent GP appointments

If you need a same day urgent GP appointment - this could mean that you might not be able to see your usual GP and you may have to travel to a different practice. Urgent GP appointments are booked on the day and are for patients who have health problems which cannot wait for a routine appointment.

Wiltshire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wants to hear your views on accessing urgent GP appointments. Tell them what you think by completing this [Survey]

Scope Research Project - Our Lives Our Journey

The charity, Scope, are looking for disabled people and parents of disabled children living in England and Wales to take part in their new five year life opportunities study. Your participation will help them develop their future campaigns and the support they provide to disabled people and their families.

Read more on the [Scope Website]

Calling all young disabled people ....


  • this includes physical disability, sensory impairments, learning difficulties and disability, mental health issues and long term health conditions