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Section: Signposting

Subsection: Signposting - Support for families

COVID-19: Domestic Abuse Support

Victims of domestic abuse or those worried that someone may be suffering in silence now have access to an out of hours helpline. This initiative will ensure people can get access to help and support at any time day or night.

The out of hours helpline is available to cover evenings/weekends and Bank Holidays from 5pm to 9am. The out of hours helpline number is 01793 610 610.

This will complement the Splitz Support Service which currently runs through the working week from 8am to 5pm on 01225 775276.

Calls are answered by a trained advisor and never by a recorded message. The service offers support to female, male, LBGTQ+ and those just wanting advice regarding a friend or family member.

Anyone who wants to leave an abusive relationship can do so even during lockdown and Splitz can help you to do this safely. They can also help you stay safer in your own home. You can refer to Splitz’s service 24 hours a day online or email them with safe contact details at as well as telephoning them during office hours on 01225 775276.

If you are in an emergency situation and have called 999 but are unable to speak over the phone, press 55 on your keypad when prompted. This will tell the operator that you need help but are unable to talk.