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Kodachi Special Needs Judo Club

Have you considered learning Judo?

“I first brought my two children to Kodachi Special Needs Judo on the advice of occupational Therapy who suggested that it would help develop their core strength. 9 years later and they have gained oh so much more.”

If you are interested, this is what you will begin to learn. At first the judoka (judo student) is taught how to “fall” without hurting themselves. You will be taught how to land on the mats as you land and the noise is really awesome. Moving on you will be taught how to unbalance your opponent and cause them to fall, then more techniques to defeat your opponent. There are many levels to judo and you never stop learning.

“As a mother of Aspies I was concerned about giving them the ability to fight. But that is not what judo is about. Translated judo means “The Gentle Way.” Most of all Judo is about being safe, but also includes respect, consideration, self-control and personal hygiene. For my children, it included being able to look after themselves and not hurting others.”

Kodachi Special Needs Judo is held on Thursday nights from 6.30-8.00pm at the Southville Centre in Bedminster, Bristol BS3 1QG. You need to have a physical, behavioural or cognitive special need and be between 11-90yrs. Your first session will be free to see if you fancy joining, then it will be £5.00 per session. You don’t need any special clothing to start with, just come in loose non-important clothing (no metal). In the beginning please bring your parent or carer with you.

The coaches Richard Bennett and Ken Thorne both have many (many) years experience working with Special Needs individuals, have a full DBS checks, are trained by and insured by the British Judo Association. If you are interested please contact Richard on 0772 496 6942 or or Ken on 0193 425 1271 or