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Developmental Language Disorder

A short video has been produced combining a poem, cartoons and animations. It expresses from the view of a child about what it is like to have Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), which affects approximately two children in every classroom.

International DLD Awareness Day is on 16th October 2020 and as part of this we would like to share a video with you that has been produced to raise awareness from the perspective of a child. The video is a joint venture between Wiltshire Children’s Community Service, Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Services, Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Christ the King Catholic School, Amesbury and Wilton CE Primary School Communication and Interaction Resource Bases.

[“This is Me and DLD”] combines a poem written by Anna, cartoons and animations. Anna said: “Although the poem is voiced by one child, it is a compilation of many children’s voices”. “It highlights how communication difficulties may present and the extent to which they can impact on learning, literacy, friendships and emotional wellbeing”. “The poem also focuses on the strategies which can be used by anyone to help. Again with the words voiced by a child, it presents both the simplicity and power of these when used by the key people in a child’s environment.”

“Whilst the video may make your heart go out to these children, it also aims to give them a voice, to ‘walk a mile in their shoes’, to tell you what you can do to make a difference and to celebrate what they can achieve with a little understanding.”

Click [VIDEO] to watch.