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Early years projects

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Early years

There are currently no Wiltshire Parent Carer Council updates for our early years projects. Please contact us if you have any questions or join us to receive regular newsletter updates from all our projects.

Your Early Years representatives - Denise Milton and Jessica Merritt

Denise Milton

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Denise Milton

Lead Parent Representative for Early Years

As Team Leader for Early Years, Denise attends SEN Strategy meetings and Childcare sufficiency meetings. She also works closely with the four District Specialist Centres and meets regularly with parents and carers of the children attending them to find out if there are any issues that need to be fed back.

Denise has lived in Wiltshire for many years and is a long term foster carer to four children whose ages range from 10 to 14. Three of them have additional needs ranging from learning difficulties, global developmental delay, speech and language needs, hydrocephaly and hearing impairment. Two of them attend mainstream secondary school with support and the youngest one attends a Specialist Learning Centre at a mainstream Primary but will move to specialist provision for Secondary school.

Denise worked as an Early Years Inclusion Advisor for the Early Intervention Team in Wiltshire for 7 years and hopes in her work with WPCC to use the knowledge and experience gained during that time to represent parents and carers of Early Years children.

You can contact Denise using the details below.

Telephone: 01225 764647 or 07842 084327

Jessica Merritt

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Jessica Merritt
Lead parent representative for Health.

Jess is a parent of two children with additional needs. Her 12 year old son was born at 26 weeks gestation which resulted in chronic lung disease and Auditory Neuropathy which caused bilateral profound deafness. He has also been diagnosed with ADHD and Autism and he currently attends a specialist school for deaf children with additional needs in Exeter. Jess' 18 year old daughter has visual processing difficulties.

Due to her own personal experiences of working with services to access the provision she needed for her son, Jess understands how stressful and sometimes difficult it can be trying to get those needs met. Jess' first 18 months with the WPCC was as a parent representative in Early Years, supported by Denise Milton. She spent much of her time visiting all of the county's District Specialist Centres and Children's Centres, meeting and chatting with parents. In April 2015, Jess took on a new role as Health Team Lead which involves meetings with Wiltshire Council, NHS and other agencies, working closely with professionals, parents and carers and collating their feedback. Jess is passionate about being involved in health and has a wealth of personal experience in relation to the medical intervention her son receives.

Jess would like to see a day when no parent has to fight for any service that their child needs. She says “our children can be challenging on their own without having to challenge their rights. If we can get it right at the start while they are small, the outcomes could be life changing and hopefully enable many of our young people to live independently without still needing lots of services as young adults.”

Telephone: 01225 764647