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WPCC Positive Message Board


Keep sending your contributions in over the summer

We would be delighted to continue receiving contributions for our Positive Message Board and we will keep posting them, but unfortunately we won’t be able to send any more chocolate in response; this doesn’t mean we are any less grateful however. As always, we will only post messages that are positive and supportive towards others. Remember, you don’t have to write a lot, you might just have a couple of words that sum up something that made you smile, or a tip that you would like to share, or you might just have a photo or an image of something that you think might be uplifting for others to see. Please remember, by sending submissions for our Message Board, you will be consenting to us posting on the WPCC website for anyone to see.
Please send anything you wish to share on our Message Board to with the Subject: For WPCC Message Board.

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