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DS Football

Every week until Sunday 24th March 2024
Time 10.30am-11.30am
For children/ young people with Down's Syndrome
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DS Active is a sports programme for people with Down’s syndrome administered by the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA). Read more [HERE]

Bristol DS Active:
Access Sport launched their weekly DS Active football sessions in 2014 in Bristol and it is hugely popular and fun for all weekly session.

Age: 5 - 15 years old and 16+ years old. Separate pitches for the two age groups.

It takes place weekly on a Sunday at 10.30am-11.30am at St. Paul’s Academy, Newfoundland Road, Bristol BS2 9NH.

More Info: Email Mark Kearns on svahle76@yahoo.co.uk or Visit: www.dsactive.org.uk/football-session/bristol-access-sport/

Where St. Paul’s Academy,

Newfoundland Road, Bristol

Postcode BS2 9NH
Event type: Active and outdoors
Age: 5-25
Cost Free for first 2 weeks. Then £5.00 per person.
Organisation Access Sport