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Section: Signposting

Subsection: Signposting - Special educational needs - Transport

Letter from SEND Transport - April 2019

The WPCC has been discussing the concerns and issues raised by parent carers regarding recent changes to transport for some children and young people with SEND. As a result of our discussions, we have been given the following letter to share. We will continue to work with Passenger Transport in the hope we can ensure smoother arrangements for families in the future:

Dear parents/carers

I am writing in my capacity as Head of Service for Passenger Transport at Wiltshire Council to address recent concerns raised by some parents on the short notice given on planned changes to transport.

We regularly tender transport contracts to ensure that best value is maintained. On the whole this is achieved in a timely fashion with few operational issues along the way. However, our most recent tender round experienced an administrative error, which caused around a six-week delay in parents being informed of revised transport arrangements.

We appreciate that many children with SEND require preparation for things like a change in transport provider, or passenger assistant, and we’d like to apologise that some parents did not have enough notice to support their child to manage these changes.

This has highlighted we need to improve communication with parents when we make changes to transport and we are introducing revised procedures to achieve this.

Working with the WPCC we are introducing the following steps immediately for all planned procurement activity:

  • We will write to all parents whose transport is changing, as early in the process as we can, to ask if there is anything specific that we need to be aware of when changing transport
  • We will write to parents once the preferred bidder has been determined, informing them who that is, who the passenger assistant is (where applicable) and any other relevant information
  • Remind parents of the current offer of a “meet and greet” between child, parent, passenger assistant & driver
  • Provide a date where key staff in the Passenger Transport Unit will be available in your area, to discuss any concerns you may have with transport

Thank you to those parents who raised these issues. I’m sure by working together in this way we can ensure smoother arrangements in the future. If you have any further concerns please contact us on:

Jason Salter
Head of Service
Passenger Transport Unit
Wiltshire Council
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JD