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Continence Service Reassessment/Feedback

Some time ago, we asked you to share feedback with us about your experiences of using the Continence Service in Wiltshire; we particularly heard from families using the service that the range, quantity and quality of products available often did not meet need and it was often difficult to get an assessment.

Parents and young people in Wiltshire told us they needed more support in improving levels of continence; this led to the commissioning of Wiltshire’s own child continence nurse.

Currently, the continence nurse manages the service, runs clinics across Wiltshire (except Swindon) and works on individual interventions with young people and their families.

The aim of the service is for the young people they work with to achieve as much independence as possible, through management and improvement of their continence level.

Some parent carers who are already accessing the Continence Service will have received a letter inviting them to go for reassessment to ensure that the service is meeting their needs and we have encouraged all parent carers who are currently known to the service to contact them and ask for a reassessment, with the assurance that this is not about taking anything away from what is already being provided. The Continence Service aims to improve what is currently offered, and wishes to have contact with families to ensure that the needs of their children are being met. As a reminder, you can request a re-assessment by telephoning the continence service on: 01225 711323.

The WPCC has established a positive relationship with the service and they are keen to continue to make improvements where they can; we are now in a positon to work with regional partners to try to influence further improvements where they are identified by those who use the service. It would therefore be really helpful if you could share any feedback with us about your experiences of using the service now by way of an update. We would especially like to know:-

  • How easy it is to get an appointment/ how long did you have to wait to be seen etc?

  • Reassessments – did this help to better meet your child’s needs?

  • What can you tell us about the range of products offered to you, their appropriateness and quality etc?

  • Are there any arrangements for Clinical Waste collection? If not, would this be something of benefit?

  • What support have you received with toilet training?

  • Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the service?

We would greatly appreciate it if you could share any feedback with us by email: or telephone: 01225 764647, by Tuesday 1st September 2015.

There is more information about the Continence Service in Wiltshire’s Local Offer, to find out more, click on this link: [Continence Service]