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Wheelchairs & equipment projects

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There are currently no Wiltshire Parent Carer Council updates for our wheelchair & equipment projects. Please contact us if you have any questions or join us to receive regular newsletter updates from all our projects. what we can do.

Your Equipment representative

Jon Woodhead

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Jon Woodhead

Parent Representative for Health, Wheelchairs & Equipment

As a parent representative Jon is a member of the health team alongside Shelagh Matthews.

Jon’s 4-year-old daughter Ellen has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, is blind, epileptic and has hydrocephalus. His experience of finding suitable equipment for her, including beds, sleep systems, hoists, wheelchairs, indoor seating, car seats and feeding (Ellen is gastrostomy-fed) has given him a deep insight into the challenges faced by parents and carers who need similar resources for their children. “My aim” says Jon “is to promote greater co-ordination across health, social care teams, education and other agencies.”

You can contact Jon directly using the details below.