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Section: Coronavirus

WPCC COVID-19 Update

Please see WPCC's COVID-19 Update below:

Managing the Demands of Home Learning During the Lockdown

We have heard from some parent carers who have described the anxiety, stress and pressure they are experiencing over the amount of work their children are being given from some schools while they are learning at home. In response to the feedback we have received from parent carers, we have had conversations with the local authority who in turn have sent a communication out to all schools in Wiltshire.

The communication that went to schools on Monday 20th April raised this issue and said that “the WPCC is suggesting to parent carers that the priority is to manage their children’s needs, anxieties and wellbeing. They are recommending that a routine is important, and perhaps activities that support the child’s mental wellbeing may be more important than being overloaded by an expectation to complete home learning activities. The WPCC has described the benefits of participating in activities around the home which may be beneficial to helping to develop some independence skills for example.”.

Please remember that the WPCC is still available during these challenging times, and alongside the [COVID-19 information, advice, guidance and resources] the WPCC is updating on its website daily, and maintaining telephone and email contact with parent carers, we are doing all we can to try to help to reduce isolation, challenges and anxiety.

WPCC COVID-19 Update

Dear Parent Carers,

We appreciate that these are difficult, challenging and anxious times for many, and most certainly for parent carers of children and young people with SEND. The WPCC will do it can to provide information and support, while following official guidance from the UK Government and Public Health England.

We anticipate our strategic participation and coproduction activity to reduce over the next few months as services naturally have to focus their resources on responding to the demands of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As you have possibly already read on our website, in response to the latest government advice regarding the coronavirus, we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend our Outreach visiting support. We took this decision to minimise the risk to families and our staff, particularly those who may have pre-existing health conditions.

However, having invested in technology that supports mobile working a while ago, we are able to continue to operate our telephone helpline and email support to respond to enquiries and support and signpost as best we can for the time being. This will be dependent on staff wellbeing and we may have to review if circumstances change. Our Outreach staff will continue to support those families they are currently working with by telephone, but we are unable to accept new referrals for our Outreach service at this moment in time.

To make it easier to find information relating to COVID-19 as we receive it, we have created a dedicated section in our weekly newsletter, and this new section on our website. You can find information on 'Changes to Events, Courses and Activities', 'Information and Changes to Services' and 'Learning Resources and Activities'. We are receiving a significant amount of information and updates from a variety of sources, both locally and nationally, and we are doing our best to share this by updating our website as frequently as we can. We will also post information on our Facebook page as often as we can.

We are particularly aware of the impact social isolation will have on parent carers and we are currently working on trialling an opportunity for parent carers to ‘meet up’ through an online ‘coffee morning’ that we will facilitate to provide an opportunity for parent carers to just chat and offer support to each other and offer suggestions as we face the challenge of meeting the needs of our children and young people at home.

We will continue to keep you updated as best we can.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please take care.

Kind regards,
Stuart Hall
Strategic Director, WPCC